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Nothing stumps us at TreeMendus Tree Services! All of our Arborists are trained to the highest standards and are fully qualified with many years experience, giving us a unique set of skills to take on trees of all shapes and sizes. We offer all our services to both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Our Tree Services

Tree Felling

Tree Felling & RemovalDon't forget to say timber!

Our teams are equipped with the knowledge and latest equipment to remove trees efficiently from any location. We use a variety of techniques such as straight felling, sectional dismantling and aerial tree rigging to safely remove trees and can remove anything from small shrubs to large woodlands. During a site visit we will talk you through the step by step process and discuss any concerns you may have. We will also carry out Tree Preservation and Conservation Area checks and obtain any felling licenses that may be required on your behalf.

Deadwood Removal

Tree Pruning and Deadwood RemovalReduce the risk of failing branches

Removing branches for the health of a tree is often referred to as pruning. Our teams have been pruning trees for years and know exactly what branches to remove and will systematically remove any defective, damaged or dead branches that will in turn improve the structure of your tree. We can also prune branches to provide clearance between the trees and structures.

Dead branches within a tree canopy can ruin the aesthetics of the tree but more importantly, large dead branches can pose a significant risk of injury or damage to property. Removing it can help eliminate any liability concerns as strong winds and storms can dislodge deadwood, so it is recommended to have it removed professionally before this happens.

Crown Reductions

Crown Reductions, Lifting and ThinningReduce the size and allow more light

A crown reduction is the process of making a tree smaller in height and spread and is one of the most frequent services we carry out. It involves removing branches back to growth points all over the canopy, which in turn reduces the size of the tree while still maintaining the structure and shape. Once we have assessed your tree, we are able to indicate in meters how much smaller it could be, whilst still allowing your tree to heal fast and grow properly to form a new crown.

When a tree is dense, blocking light and casting shade we recommend crown thinning. It involves selectively removing branches in a uniform manner to allow more light to pass through the canopy. Crown thinning also reduces the sail of a tree, however, the overall size of the tree remains the same.

If your tree has low branches, we may recommend crown lifting. This is often used when trees are in accessible areas such as gardens and public roads. The process involves removing the lower portion of the crown to a specified height . Just a few benefits of having a higher tree canopy are allowing pedestrians and traffic to pass with ease, keeping branches away from structures and opening up views that would otherwise be hidden and blocked by low branches.


Pollard/Re-PollardReduce the height of a tree

Pollarding is one of the oldest tree pruning operations and can be dated back to medieval times, however our teams still regularly carry out this operation. Pollarding is a pruning method that will keep shrubs and trees smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally carried out when a tree or shrub has reached a certain height and re-pollarding on a cycle basis will restrict growth to that height. During a site visit we will discuss if this pruning method is suitable for your tree and also advise you on the best time to carry out this operation.

TreeMendus Tree Services - Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding and RemovalRemove unwanted tree stumps

We have a variety of machines, from narrow access grinders to large tracked machines. The process of grinding a stump out is done by a machine with a rotary head that spins at a high rpm, as it passes over the stump it chips away at it, the end result leaves you with a pile of fine wood-chip that can be used as mulch in the garden or put back into the hole where the volume of the buttress stump has been removed from.

When a grinding machine is not appropriate for stump removal, we can poison the tree stumps to prevent re-growth and also remove stumps with winches if there are suitable anchor points within the site.

Tree Surveys

Tree Reports and Maintenance SchedulesKeep your trees safe

Landowners have a legal obligation to make sure their trees are in a safe condition and reduce any risk they may pose. We can assess your trees health and supply health and safety tree reports – we will advise you of any defects found and talk through remedial options. We also offer maintenance schedules, where we periodically manage your trees so you don’t have to worry about them.

Hedge Trimming & ReductionsNothing looks better than a well maintained hedge

Hedges require regular trimming to keep them dense, compact and to maintain a good shape. We are experts at trimming hedges and have the privilege of maintaining some of the smartest hedges in the area. We can provide one-off visits to reduce the height of your hedges if they have been left to grow for some time. We can re-shape your hedges to any dimensions you require.

We can also provide a regular maintenance service and advise on the correct practices to get your hedges looking great.

Hedge Pruning

Wood ChippingWe recycle 100% of our waste!

Our quick and reliable wood chipping service is ideal for anyone with large amounts of green garden waste to clear. Our modern wood chippers are capable of processing large quantities of green waste in a amount short time making it very efficient .We can also provide quotes to remove garden waste that is not suitable to be put through a woodchipper and can also supply large or small amounts of wood-chip mulch for your garden projects. Rest assured we recycle 100% of our waste as log or wood chips for Biofuel.

Wood Chipping

Commercial ServicesWhy not let us become your trusted contractor and do the hard work for you?

Our commercial division provides a full array of leading arboricultural services from tree removal, pruning, stump grinding and planting. We provide efficient and safe tree work for Schools, Construction Companies, Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Local Businesses throughout the country. We can also supply on site ecologists if required.

Our professional teams regularly undertake refresher training to keep health and safety at the forefront of their work. All work is carried out to BS 3998 (2010), using AFAG guidelines. Jobs are supplied with in-depth site specific risk assessments and method statements.

Hardwood logs for sale

We pride ourselves on the quality of our logs and only supply the best. Our logs are competitively priced based on the quality of the product and service we offer. Whether you require logs for fuel to heat your home or a garden/DIY project we stock kiln dried, seasoned, part-seasoned and unseasoned split logs. We also stock different size lengths and rings for all your needs.

We recommend logs for burning should have a 15% or below moisture content.

Prices start from as little as £45 per bulk bag

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